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Meraki Floral Tools

Set of Three, Color: Warm Analogous Meraki Floral Shears

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The set of all three sizes.  The 6.7 is the ideal size and design for snipping flowers, branches, herbs and woody stems. These are a go-to tool that assists in the preparation and execution of all ranges in floristry. This size tool is available in red Amaryllis. Medium length blade, the 7.0 have excellent maneuverability and do a great job at cutting at any angle. These are an excellent step up to get comfortable with a longer blade for more precise work. This size tool is available in orange Ornithogalum. Additionally, the 7.6 with blades that are narrow and straight enough for fine grooming work and can get into the smallest of places. In addition the knife size blade can be used to de-thorn roses and give a sharp straight or elongated cut. This size tool is available in fuchsia Bougainvillea. With a scissor-like action these Meraki shears ensure a strong, study and precise cut every time.  A specifically designed interior indentation on the blade cuts floral and garden wires up to 18 gauge. Exclusive black carbon steel blades are ultra-shined to perfection, making them one of the easiest tools to use available on the market today. Lightweight and incredibly sharp, these blades cleanly cut your material all the way to the tip.

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