The Floral Design Program at the University of Missouri October Designer of the Month

AIFD Designer of the Month SAIFD University of Missouri-Columbia

mizzou saifd at symposiumThe Floral Design Program at the University of Missouri- Columbia started in 2005, offering many avenues for students to explore the field of floral design. The program offers a variety of classes that include Introduction to Floral Design, Everyday Floral Design, Special Occasions, Wedding Floral Design, and Retail Floral Management, even a study abroad program. All of the students' work contribute to achieving a Floral Artistry and Management certificate at the end of their education. These courses and certification help prepare students to enter the floral design industry, equipped with advanced skills and industry knowledge, and provide the opportunity to open their own floral business. In addition to top level educational classes, the school also hosts a entirely student operated floral shop, Tiger Garden. The shop, and the university's events team, handle much local business, from everyday arrangements, event work for weddings, and plant maintenance for several university buildings around the city of Columbia, MO. 

The program also offers a floral design club for students that strives to further Mizzou students’ interest and involvement in floral design through special projects, seminars, and demonstrations. The floral design club is a part of the Student Chapter of the America Institute of Floral Designers (SAIFD), the only university in the state of Missouri to have a chapter. Members of the club have the opportunity to compete at the America Institute of Floral Designers Symposium every year, as well as hold educational classes and provide learning experiences for the members. 


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