Stacey Bal AIFD Designer of the Month February 2022

AIFD Designer Designer of the Month floral design

Artist Stacey Bal celebrates the value in the vast diversity of the floral industry by wearing many hats including educator, author, consultant, event designer, magazine contributor, and product developer. As the owner of The Flora Culturist, she energetically expresses her ever-evolving point of view with unexpected materials and unique combinations of botanicals. Stacey's continued lifelong educational journey through various arts and horticulture are met with her experience as a second-generation floral designer. She is recognized for bringing a fresh perspective and strong voice to the visual arts community most notably as a feature artist at Art Basel Miami 2019. Internationally published, her latest work is featured in IMPERMANENT in which she co-authored and was lead photographer. Bal earned her European Masters Certification in 2019, is a long standing member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, and is a member of the Floriology Education Team. 

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